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Welcome to I'm Rob1, and this is where I'll be dinking around with two of my favorite hobbies: fan fiction and web design. I finally broke down and decided to design a fan site from the ground up, focusing on maximum accessibility for the user. Eventually, the site will include essays, a small fanfic archive, fanfic and fan video recommendations and the best selection of fandom related feeds I can put together. The site has now been upgraded to 'beta' status. Feel free to take it for a test run and let me know what works for you. For me, tinkering around with code is half the fun, so any suggestions on how to improve the design will be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

Site Updated: 05/01/2012

What's New

Fan vid recommendations- that's what's new! Actually, they're pretty old, but I'd never opened them up to the frontend of the site before. Recent LJ talk and a busy round of double checking links and making sure I didn't spot any objections convinced me to go ahead and share some of my favorite vids. I think I wrote these up back in 2004. So- not exactly cutting edge! And it's just a small selection of the vids I have in my 'save' folder. But it's a start. If you're a fan of vids- or just curious about them- check out the new section here.

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